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Supplier Diversity Program
At Powers and Sons, we know that diversity is not just an abstract, feel-good concept; it is a business imperative. Having a diverse supply base is a key element of success in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Therefore, our supplier diversity program is an essential part of our overall corporate responsibility efforts. It is also important to many of our customers who want to ensure they are supporting diversity within their own supply chains. The goal of our supplier diversity program is to identify minority and women-owned business enterprises and work to influence their future development by creating opportunities and expanding relationships that can deliver production, MRO and supporting products and services. We embrace the ever-changing business environment and believe that supporting our Diversity Program allows us to give support back to a growing segment in today's global market. We search out potential best in class suppliers that will benefit from a partnership with us to supply quality products and services in a quest to exceed our customer's expectations. We belong to the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council and support other minority companies outside of Michigan as well. We attend functions supported by our council and customers to search out companies that can benefit from our business as well as adding benefit to our customers resulting in a Win-Win for all involved. We invite all companies to inquire and submit information for consideration.