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Note: Downloaded and printed forms are UNCONTROLLED copies. Suppliers are responsible for adhering to the latest requirements as published on this website. Powers and Sons LLC. reserves the right to change these documents without notification. It is your responsibility to check here for the latest information before taking any actions affected by the information contained in these documents.

07-36-01-01 REL - PPAP Dimensional Results.xls

07-36-01-03 A - PPAP Warrant.xls

07-04-01-01 C - Change Request-Change Notice.xls

07-04-02-01 C - Deviation

07-55-03-01 C - Production Parts Packaging Data Sheet.xls

07-55-04-02 REL - Receiving Discrepancy Report.xls

07-55-07-01 A - Shipping and Routing Instruction.xls

07-55-07-02 REL - Supplier Capacity Worksheet.xls

07-57-02-01 C - Barcode Approval Form.xls

07-41-06-02 B - Supplier Key Personnel.doc

08-52-01-01 A - G8D Report.xls

07-41-06-03 A - Quality System Development Audit (QSDA).xls

07-55-04-01 REL - PPAP Alert Form.xls

08-30-01-04 REL - Quality Alert.xls