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                                                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS


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Cover Page 01.06.2023 (78 kb)

1. Special Characteristics 01.06.2023 (104 kb)

2. Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) 01.06.2023 (995 kb)

3. Sample Conditional Approval / Disapproval Forms 01.06.2023 OBSOLETE

3. Process Capability / Statistical Process Control (SPC) 01.06.2023 (51 kb)

4. CQI / Pass Through Requirements 01.06.2023 (524 kb)

5. Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) 01.06.2023 (109 kb)

6. Annual Recertification 01.06.2023 (109 kb)

7. Supplier Rating System / Requirements 01.06.2023 (429 kb)

8. Lot Traceability - Product Identification 01.06.2023 (98 kb)

9. Request for “Deviation” and / or “Change Request” 01.06.2023 (94 kb)

10. Part Numbering System 01.06.2023 (120 kb)

11. Request for Quote (RFQ) 01.06.2023 (382 kb)

12. Production Control Requirements 01.06.2023 (189 kb)

13. Powers & Sons, LLC. Key Personnel and Supplier Key Personnel 01.06.2023 (187 kb)

14. Corrective / Preventive Action 01.06.2023 (403 kb)

15. Powers and Sons Supplier Assessment 01.06.2023 (88 kb)

16. Environmental Requirements 01.06.2023 (1323 kb)

17. Quality and PPAP Alerts 01.06.2023 (89 kb)

18. NCMR Debits 01.06.2023 (44 kb)

19. Tooling & Gaging Identification 01.06.2023 (442 kb)

20. Prototype Requirements 01.06.2023 (120 kb)

22. Forms 01.06.2023


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